This module is a farm management tool that provides automation of business operations in plantations of the cash crop, for example, tea plantations, sugarcane plantations and so on. It is integrated to the Easyweigh Handheld Harvesting Scale for weighing cash crops harvested and labor data collection.

  •   Features:

This module offers the following functions to the ERP:
a.    Management of Easyweigh terminals and cash crop harvesting. For example, for tea, the module manages the Easyweigh terminals and leaf harvesting. Tea leaf harvesting can be undertaken manually with hands or with a harvesting machine.
b.    Recording of labor attendance, i.e. attendance by the pickers in the farms, for example, tea pickers, sugarcane harvesters, and so on.
c.    Farm productivity analysis to monitor productivity of fields and estates (if any).

  •  Why use the Farm Management module?

i.    It is useful in macro level crop planning and scheduling.
ii.    It fosters efficient use of field level staff and improved communication with them.
iii.    It saves operational costs.
iv.    It is a multi user solution, hence it is highly scalable.
v.    It can be customized as per your business requirements.
vi.    Its modular approach helps in systematically managing farm related data.