• What is it?

This module is a main out-growers’ management system which is integrated to the Easyweigh Handheld Purchasing Scale, to weigh and store produce data and print delivery receipts for the companies who purchase the cash crop produce – for example, tea – from the farmers. Moreover, this module is the control point for the farmers’ scales where they are programmed and tuned for field operations.

  •  Features:

This module offers the following functions to the ERP:
a.    It provides for use of mifare type of contactless smart cards to identify farmers and store produce data for each respective farmer.
b.    To simplify setup and widen operating area, this system facilitates use of Bluetooth printers which are thermo type and battery operated using lithium ion battery for long life, with a coverage area of up to 20 meters and has automatic pairing. The printers print delivery receipts for the companies which purchase the cash crop produce from the farmers.
c.    It opens procedure for cash crop produce collection.
d.    It opens procedure for managing dispatch of consignments purchased.

  •  Why use the Crop Purchasing module?

i.    It allows the farmers to update their crop production inventory.
ii.    It is accurate in computing the weight of the cash crop produce the farmers offer for purchase.
iii.    It offers reliability for the farmer, because the farmer is paid based on the cash crop purchased by a given company.
iv.    This module makes handling of customers’ purchase orders – customers being the companies purchasing the cash crop produce – manageable even in the busiest of field operations.