It is an enterprise management system for Water utility companies and associations involved in the provision of water. Besides automating business processes the suite provides integration of GSM (Global System of Mobile Communication) and internet to offer effective communication with the customers who subscribe to be provided for water.
The Utility business suite has the following components:
1.    Billing module

  • What is it?

It is a management system which provides automation of business processes in management of water provision services.

  • Features:

The billing module does the following:
i.    Processes water meter readings.
ii.    Processes water bills and posts the water bills to respective customer accounts.
iii.    Produces the water bills in printed hardcopy or sms.

  • Why use the Billing module?

i.    It increases the customers’ satisfaction, because it provides timely and accurate bills which increase customers’ satisfaction.
ii.    Simplifies billing operations creating avenue for water utility companies and associations to reduce billing operations costs, because it automates the billing operations.
iii.    It also allows property owners and managers to analyze interval data for load profiling. The combination of water use and load profiling data helps property owners and managers:
a.    Understand operating patterns of how water is used and resourced to every tenant.
b.    Increase operating efficiency of water supply to their tenants.
c.    Identify malfunctioning equipment, for example, the water pump.
d.    Spot scheduling errors.
e.    Reduce peak loads by lowering demand charges.

2.    CRM (Customer Relationship Management) module

  • What is it?

This module facilitates management of customers’ interactions with the water utility companies and associations and thus maintains good business-customer relationships.

  • Features:

i.    It has tools which facilitate revenue collection by the water utility companies and associations.
ii.    It has tools which facilitate amendment to the water bills given to clients, if there are any errors in the total amount charged.

  • Why use the CRM module?

i.    It provides better customer service; for example, make timely amendments to the bill of a customer who raises concern about the amount captured in his/her water bill.
ii.    It efficiently manages customer records.
iii.    It enables the water utility companies and associations to cross-sell and up sell more effectively to their customers.
iv.    It enables the water utility companies and associations to retain current customers and attract potential customers.
v.    It efficiently facilitates timely water supply connection for customers who have paid for the water utility service.

3.    Financial suite with Payroll

  • What is it?

This suite ensures that the revenue being banked tallies with the total amount of all the water bills charged by the water utility companies and associations.

  • Key feature:

The financial suite facilitates the Payroll of the human resources as per revenue collected and banked, from the water bills charged to their customers.

  •  Why use the financial suite?

i.    It enhances accountability because the revenue collected and banked by the water utility companies and associations must tally with the total amount of bills charged to their customers.
ii.    The Finance suite with Payroll enhances complete automation of Gratuity and End of Service calculations.

4.    Commercial suite

  •  What is it?

This is a suite of business automation tools which integrates business functions including point of sale, assets management, sales order processing, procurement and accounting, and finance management.

  •  Features:

i.    It has tools which manage assets of a company.
ii.    It has tools which process sales orders.
iii.    It has tools which manage procurement of the water provision services.
iv.    It has tools which manage the accounting records of a company and help a company determine its financial position.

  • Why use the Commercial suite?

i.    Reliability, because Octagon Data Systems Ltd is involved in every stage from conceptualization to completion offering continual functional and technical support to our clients.
ii.    Customer-oriented, because we focus on mobilizing our resources across East Africa, to add value for our clients through innovative software solutions and maintaining strong business-client relationship.